Practical and Compassionate Solutions for Life’s Tough Problems

Mediation and Therapy Associates specializes in helping you create a fulfilling life. We help you identify goals and develop the skills to establish rewarding relationships with partners/spouses, your children, extended family members and community.

As we all complete the first year of this Pandemic Many people are experiencing anxiety and levels of depression.

We offer a full range of services for individuals, couples, and families. These services include:

We Specialize In:

  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Teaching Effective Communication Skills
  • Helping to Resolve Children’s Behavioral Issues
  • Providing Divorce Services in all stages of the process; Supportive Coaching, Divorce or Custody Mediation, Co-Parenting Skills for ex-spouses and children.
  • Re-Unification Services for parents estranged from their children

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