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    Don’t You Wish Parenting Came With a Handbook?

    Every parent struggles with parenting at some point in time. Sometimes the concern is a simple “is this a normal reaction to the circumstances?” At other times a behavior or a school issue causes worry.

    Parents may seek help for children in the following instances:

    • Children who are disorganized
    • Children who consistently act out, push buttons, and test limits
    • Children who have difficulty with divorce transitions
    • Reunification with a parent

    Sometimes parents need help:

    • Resolving differences in parenting styles
    • Over-scheduling
    • Determining normal behavior for different ages and knowing when to seek help
    • Establishing communication with children or adolescents who won’t talk
    • Establishing effective discipline and learning to set limits
    • Resolving sibling rivalry

    For parents in any stage of divorce:

    • Establishing a different kind of family
    • Helping children adjust to the new reality

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