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  • Divorce Services

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    Services for Clients who have decided to get Divorced

    Divorce Mediation

    • Mediation is an efficient, cost effective means to resolve family disputes or to divorce amicably.
    • With the help of a mediator you and your spouse decide what happens to you, your family, children, and finances. Research shows that couples who successfully mediate their divorce are more likely to be happy and compliant with the terms of divorce.
    • A mediator is a neutral third party who assists couples or families in resolving their disputes. Their role is to help individuals clearly define issues, keep lines of communication open, and promote discussion and resolution. Mediation aims to develop mutually acceptable and agreed upon decisions.
    • Mediation can save money and time. Often, using a mediator to resolve issues will cost a fraction of what it would cost if you went to court.

    Mediation is

    • Voluntary
    • Private
    • Confidential

    Divorce Mediation can be done

    • Before a divorce (pre-decree) – you can sit down with a mediator to settle your entire divorce or parts of the divorce to save time and money.
    • After a divorce (post-decree) – visitation, custody or changes in support may need to be mediated after a period of time or changes in life circumstances.
    • You can mediate all or part of your divorce.

    Divorce Mediation can address the following issues (both pre- and post-decree)

    • Custody
    • Parenting plan
    • Change of residence
    • Child support
    • Education
    • Spousal support
    • Asset allocation
    • Property division

    Family Mediation can be done

    • For couples (including same sex couples) who have never married, but are separating
    • To resolve family disputes
    • Post Divorce to establish a workable parenting plan

    Coaching as part of the Collaborative Law Process

    As an invaluable member of a Collaborative Divorce Team I help clients

    • Clarify their needs in a divorce
    • Help Clients articulate their needs clearly
    • Craft a durable Parenting plan
    • Manage strong emotions as they arise

    Services for Clients who have already Divorced


    • Improve their communication skills regarding their children
    • Amendment to existing Parenting Plan due to changes in children’s ages or activities, remarriage, or relocation.
    • Post Divorce to establish a workable parenting plan


    This service is for a parent who has been estranged from his or her children after a divorce.

    • This service is often court ordered. Both parents and the estranged children must co-operate in this process.